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Fred E. Northup was born 11/6/1856. He was married to Victoria E. Northup (B. 08/1857)

They had four children: Lena Northup 09/04/1875, Emma M. Northup 1/19/1878, Lewis N. Northup 10/16/1880 and Gertrude P. Northup 10/03/1890. One of the girls married a Barlow.

Fred was buried in New Bedford, Mass, Oak Grove Cemetary, along with most of the rest of the family. Fred and Victoria Northup's page is under construction.

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Fred and Victoria Northup Family

Children of Fred and Victoria Northup

Lena Northup b: 09/04/1875
Emma M. Northup 1/19/1878
Lewis N. Northup b: 10/16/1880
Gertrude P. Northup b: 10/03/1890